Country Culture DOES matter in Logo Designing

22 Proverb Inspired Logos!

Here are 22 creative logos that were inspired by famous idioms and phrases.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Laughter is the best medicine

Love is blind


Pencil Vs Camera

by Ben Heine

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5 Tips to Design a Complimenting Logo for Your Website

Here are 5 easy tips for developing a website with a complimenting logo which creates a balance between logo and web design. READ FULL ARTICLE!!


Stillness in Motion

by Olga Ziemska

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Madrid 2012 Olympics Logo – A New Controversy!

The Madrid 2012 Olympics logo has created a controversy in the industry. In order to initiate its bid for the 2012 Olympics, Madrid rolled out a logo design that was severely criticized by Spanish media.

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6 Different Types of Logo Designs – Choose The Right One!

Here are 6 different styles of logo designing which logo designers use to build a corporate brand identity. Famous logos like Nike Logo, Shell Logo, McDonald’s Logo are few examples of different type of logos.

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5 Simple Tips for Logo Designers to Meet Project Deadlines

Here are 5 Simple Tips for Logo Designers to meet Logo Design Project Deadlines. Logo Designers should have proper strategy to complete clients project.

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8 Famous Brands and their Funny Logo Evolutions

Here are 8 Famous brands and their Funny Logo Evolutions. I have created my own funny versions of how famous logos might look in 2020.

1. Funny Apple Logo Evolution:

2. Funny IBM Logo Evolution:

3. Funny LG Logo Evolution:

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How Logo Designers Should Deal With Clients

The job of a logo designer is to create a brand identity that is capable of communicating with the target audience. But sometimes, designers themselves fall short of communicating properly with their clients. This is mostly because they are so drenched in designing that they don’t pay any attention on maintaining client relationship. But the fact of the matter remains, client satisfaction can never be achieved without effective communication.

You may be capable of creating a spectacular logo design that mesmerizes the audience. But if you are unable to sell your idea to your client, then your design efforts are useless. Your core focus should be to convey the purpose of your design concept to your client. Without doing so, you cannot present your logo design to clients. In some cases, designers feel shy in conversing with their clients and try to avoid contact during the project. However, this can lead to several misunderstandings at the end of the venture.

How to Communicate Effectively with Clients:

Today, I wish to discuss some easy and effective methods through which you can communicate successfully with your clients. By learning these tips, you can streamline your communication process with the clients.